Where to find blue dragons

where to find blue dragons

Runescape | Ultimate Blue dragons slayer guide| Melee/range/ .. in english especially given the time. Best Place To Kill Blue Dragons - posted in Questions & Money Making: Just wondering the best place to bank because I'd like to make some. Tried all the other places and this was the only place the prick would show up for me fairly easy. Fight them for. Crystal triskelion fragment 2. Blue dragons do NOT drop flare stones. RuneScape Wiki is a Wiesbadener kurier nachrichten Games Community. At higher levels the need for such items will become unnecessary due to the speed the player is able to kill each dragon. Thus, an anti-dragon shielda Dragonfire shielda Super antifire potion, or the Protect from Magic prayer are essential when fighting them, as they can hit well over with their breath otherwise Resonance does work against their breath. where to find blue dragons


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